This is what we are doing on the ipod touch:

I am glad we got the iPod Touches.My iPod #
is # 3. I am going to take the iPod home on
Monday and Tuesday.

Rules about taking the iPod Touches home:
  1. Keep the iPod Touch safe from little sisters and brothers.
  2. Keep it in the bag until you get home.
  3. Keep all accessories in the bag when you are not using them.
  4. Bring all cords and accessories back in the bag.
  5. Make sure the iPod Touch is fully charged when you return it for the next user.
  6. You may not hook the iPod Touch up to your home computer or download games.
  7. If you go to afterschool, make sure the iPod bag is in your backpack.
  8. Keep food and drink away from the iPods.
  9. Share the iPod safely.
  10. The iPod should only be in school, in your house or car, or on the bus.

Week of April 13th-17th
  • Play metasquares at least 5 times
  • Keep track of who wins on level 1
  • write on your wiki about the difficulty of the game
  • When would you use this skill in real life
  • Choose two other games to review on your wiki

April 13th-17th
I think metasquares was not easy, but not too hard. I won the firtst two games, lost the third game, and won the last two. you must take your time and think, you would have to use this skill when you play poker, and on tests.The two other games I played were icopter lite and labyrinth lite. I found icopter lite pretty easy, but i have played it on the computer before. Labrinth lite was hard even though I've played a game like it on my sisters iPod Touch.

April 27th-31st
Hangman was not on my ipod, so I played 3 different games. I played textropolis. It was easy. the words I found were master,meta,steam,mars,tears,rats,made,stem,and star. I played first words, too.It was not really a game. It teaches you how to
count and it teaches you the basic colors. it was so easy. I played word families. I didn't really get it. It just showed me a word and then a bunchou
May 1st-4th
When I played textropolis again, the words I got were smart, mate, rate, smear, mems, steam, team, and dame. I played typing class.
I did five sentences, and made one mistake. I also played Arcade Bowling Lite. I got the best record (420).

May 4th-8th
I played Bejewled 2. I got to level 26. I played falling Balls. I got the best record. The record was 17, I got 24. I played
Auqua punt. My score was 1,461.

My new ipod number is 4.

I think it would be easier to use the keyboard if the keyboard was bigger or if the keys were bigger.

I played mathmagics. At first it wasn't very hard, but it got harder the farther down the page I went. If you want to be a Mathmagician when
you grow up you might have to have some practice with math.

Jelly Car
Tap Tap
BB Multiply
Tap Tap 2
BB Divide
Awesome Ball

Action Bowling

Arcade Bowling